The CLITE2IR is a compact and powerful marine searchlight for professional vessels, with high demands, such as SAR, Pilot and smaller yachts. The new LED technology with the IR unit mounted is revolutionary efficient, which can be crucial in lifesaving operations.
The main intension for the design was to reflect the power and durability of the modern inside, to the outer shape of the searchlight. The rounded compact shape expresses friendliness and active searching in a professional way, that is adaptable to the type of high speed workboats it shall fit on.
The CLITE2IR is designed to be durable in all conditions. The LED:s are protected behind a sturdy front of glas and surrounded by a cover with integrated drainage.
The flanges on the back of the searchlight, are designed to maximize the cooling of the LED:s. They are dynamic shaped to minimize the footprint, and expresses the efficiency and modernity that the product represents. The casted part also contains functions as an easy accessible service hatch and an integrated gore tex membrane.
With the IR unit mounted on the center console, the powerful and alert expression is enhanced just as the performance of the searchlight.

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