This is a rechargeable cordless lamp that can be used anywhere. It looks as if light is contained within a bottle. A glass shade and a handle together make a seamless solid body, and this design was born rather naturally from the idea of creating a handy, portable lamp while making the most of the LED’s heat dissipation characteristics. Its simple means of operation also makes the lamp very easy to use. While diffusing soft light through the shade with a special coating on the inside, this high-quality lamp emphasises the sheen and clarity of the glass by fully embracing the texture of the material.
In addition, a four-level dimming function allows you to adjust the level of brightness depending on the location. The structure to improve the efficiency of LED light emission and to minimize any loss of energy due to heat generation makes it possible to deliver up to 100 hours of continuous lighting. This waterproof lamp is suitable for indoor use in a living room or at the bedside as well as for outdoor use in a terrace or garden. With the cordless feature, you can find ways to use it freely.
Announced in 2012, released in 2013.

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