The AOne control module ushers in a new era of lighting control, one that permits lighting systems to be APP controlled by handheld devices, epitomizing how far lighting has evolved. Advantages for end-users are experienced in four ways: Customizability, Compatibility, Cost-effectiveness, and Capacity. Our standard lighting APP can be used for plug-and-play simplicity, or if more specificity and control is desired then the AOne module also allows for customized APP creation when our Wi-Fi API or Zigbee SDK kit is purchased. The AOne module is compatible with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, with Bluetooth to follow, and also with most dimmable fixtures on the market since the module permits both leading and trailing edge dimming. Aurora’s technology allows for TRIAC dimming to be utilized without the usual downsides, therefore maintaining cost-effectiveness while still touting an impressive 5-100% dimming range with zero flickering. At a 320W (@240VAC) load capacity, the AOne module allows for multiple luminaires to be connected to a single control module, bringing down overall lighting system costs for the end user. All control modules are built to withstand ambient temperatures upwards of 50°C.

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