The URI light collection is a series of unique LED bulbs with simple, soft and minimalist lines that create remarkable lighting effects. The word, “URI” refers to God’s light in Greek. Inspired by the spectacular of space and the beauty of planets, we want to bring the lighting source to a different level.

LED light bulb is no longer old fashion. It can have a fashionable, glamorous outlook with its practical function, long life spanning and energy saving.These are quality products that we are proud of and will stand the test of time, and best fit with your home, office, restaurants or any interior projects.

URI led light bulb is made of acrylic glass sheets and led screw base. The light source is reflected from the bottom to the transparent acrylic glass and forming a remarkable lighting effect. We make good use of led technology, laser cut machining and traditional mortise and tenon skills to create our URI led bulb. Each bulb consists of 6 pieces of acrylic glass pieces and we have to assembly them all together. It is just like playing a 3D puzzle. Thus, we have to do the math correctly to make sure all the little pieces could fit with each other.

Light Bulb Features

Watts: 2W, equivalent to 25 Watt
Voltage: 96- 265V, worldwide applicable
Life Hours: 15000 average hours
Size: Diameter 140mm x Height 165mm
Base Type: Standard E27 Medium Screw Base
Color Temperature: 3300K warm white
Lumens: 90lm
Energy efficient and light weight
Low heat
More Details:

All of our light bulbs are CE approved and will work anywhere in the world

The desk lamp base is UL listed and will work anywhere in the world. For more details, please see here
Not for household room illumination
E27 screw base is interchangeable with E26 lamp holder


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