The Swiss Army Knife of high performance lighting, Soraa’s SNAP System is the first LED lamp/accessory solution that is optimized to work as an integrated lighting design system. Coupling its high output GaN on GaN™ MR16 VIVID 2 LED lamps with a breakthrough prismatic lens & an innovative array of magnetic filter & lens attachments, the system allows users to customize light directly on lamps, rather than on fixtures, opening up a new & exciting world of design possibilities for lighting. Now users can achieve multiple distributions with single lamp specification, apply beam shapes that were never before possible, & fine tune installations for unique conditions & requirements. The SNAP System has several beam shaping attachments, including beam spreaders, linear lenses, & "flat-tops" that provide rectangular beam distribution patterns to perfectly illuminate furniture, art, & other rectangular objects. The carefully integrated design of the Soraa’s VIVID 2 LED Lamp, organized around a single very small, very bright LED light source combined with a single optic & heatsink, is enabled by the unique properties & capabilities of the company’s GaN on GaN native substrate LED technology.

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