The idea of the design is to create an LED bulb that inherits classic appearance, integrates traditional aesthetics with innovative technology and changes consumers’ perception on energy saving bulbs. SIMBULB CLASSIC employs a simple mechanism by pulling up a 2D metal plate to a 3D spiral substrate. Two hemisphere substrates are combined into a novel and beautiful sphere light source. Dimmable function is made to allow the light bulb to be used in different application. Amber tinted glass retains the aesthetic of decorative vintage incandescent. SIMBULB CLASSIC fulfills consumers’ demand on traditional light bulbs. It is a minimalist design and a perfect substitution to incandescent light bulb. It looks like traditional light bulb yet only one-tenth of the energy is consumed. The materials used are cheap and the assembly process is simple and mature. The product attributes its long lifespan, stable and safety to the innovative mechanical structure. When we continue to develop new technologies, we need to consider preserving good things from the past as a traditional heritage for the next generation. SIMBULB CLASSIC is not just a light bulb; this is a light bulb of an era.

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