PLAYBULB Rainbow is a colorful wireless Bluetooth LED light bulb. It provides general lighting with changeable light colors, and can replace most ordinary low wattage light bulbs. There is a metallic loop upon the light bulb, this exquisite loop exudes a special design feel. An exclusive free App is used to control the light on/off, adjust the light brightness, select RGBW colors, light effects (flashing, pulsing, rainbow, rainbow fading) and timer function etc. The group control function enable you control thousands of PLAYBULB Rainbows by one mobile device. It is absolutely wireless, just need screw it into any E27/E26 screw base and then turn it on / off like an ordinary light bulb. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to achieve fluent transmission. The app can run on both recent Apple devices and Android devices.

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