It looks like a light bulb, emits light like a light bulb, but is actually something entirely different: The OSRAM LED SUPERSTAR CLASSIC A40 advanced is an LED lamp that has all the valued features found in standard incandescent bulbs: its conventional shape, compact size, warm white light and its dimmability1.
At the same time it offers all the benefits of innovative LED technology – outstanding energy efficiency, robustness and long service life.

Its most important features:
• LED lamp with 470 lumens in classic light bulb dimensions
• Harmonious balance of glass and heat sink
• Surround light with 300° beam angle using patented OSRAM optic
• Problem-free use in standard luminaires as it is completely interchangeable
• 80 to 85 % energy savings in comparison to a conventional light bulb
• Service life up to 25 years²
• Dimmable1
• Available in clear sparkling or frosted versions
• Warm white light similar to an incandescent bulb
• The frosted version is also available in activating cool white

1 With a wide variety of general dimmers
2 Corresponds to an average lifespan of 25,000 hours with daily operation of approx. 2.7 hours

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