The Nanoleaf Bloom makes lighting a personal experience. Beyond its stylish design, innovative technology, and incomparable efficiency, the Nanoleaf Bloom addresses your personal needs. No longer will you need to hassle yourself with home renovations to fit in external dimmer switches just to get the light you want, the Nanoleaf Bloom is dimmable with any traditional on/off light switch. It is literally, the bulb you want it to be. Whether you want to dim the lights down to set the perfect mood, or turn the brightness up to help you get through those grueling late nights of work, the Nanoleaf Bloom is yours to command at the flip of a switch.

At Nanoleaf, we set out to help make it easier for people to adopt a greener lifestyle. With the Nanoleaf Bloom we not only offer a super energy efficient light bulb, but one that adds convenience to people’s lives.

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