This LED candle light has curve elements on the basis of traditional classical candle light, which makes the product has soft aesthetic perception.
This product uses slender LED light bar, and the light angle is btween 0 degree and 320 degree . The illumination square of this product is 1.8 times as big as the traditional one. The illumination efficiency of this product with the power being 3W is the same as the traditional one with the power being 5W, so it is more energy-saving. It can be used in different places since it has excellent illumination. The size and shape of this product are similar to traditional one, which is helpful in replacing the traditional candle light with this product.
This product has LED light bar to dismiss heat instead of additional heat sink, then the cost is saved. This product is energy-saving ,durable,easily-made,avoiding wasting resources,reducing environmental pollution.

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