The LED light bulb Playbulb Smart with 16 million colours provides the right hues for every occasion and is controlled by an app. Ten integrated LED chips and four integrated RGB light sources ensure a virtually endless colour spectrum. With the help of the corresponding app, the Playbulb Smart changes the colour scheme at the swipe of a finger to create the desired atmosphere. For example, the warm white colour that fills the room when the LED light source is switched on can be transformed into a warm red hue for a romantic evening for two. It can be switched to a muted violet for sleeping or a pleasant beige as background lighting when watching TV.

Practical control of the LED lamp using an app

The Playbulb Smart doesn’t require a remote control. All lighting effects for the LED lamp can be controlled conveniently via a mobile phone app. You can choose from flickering candlelight to colourful flash effects like in a nightclub or you can switch on the rainbow effect to accompany your favourite CD and have the colour of the light change at a speed you choose.

In addition, the app has a timer that makes it possible to light up the LED light bulb at a certain time for a specified period in an individually chosen colour. The brightness of the light can be adjusted freely to your needs using a dimmer function. If you activate the shake mode, Playbulb Smart changes colour when you shake your smartphone/iPhone.

LED lamp as an environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional light bulb

The Playbulb Smart LED light is an environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional light bulb. With just 5 W of electricity consumption, the Playbulb is a cut above conventional light bulbs. Even when several LEDs are used, the energy consumption is lower than before. That’s good not only for your pocket – when the electricity bill arrives – but also for the environment. With a life span of at least 20,000 hours, the LED lamp is also very green, lasting around ten times longer than a traditional light bulb.
On a practical note, the LED light can be screwed into an E 26 or E 27 screw base, so you don’t have to buy any new lamps when switching to LED. The LED ‘light bulb’ can be integrated in a pendant lamp, a floor lamp or a desk lamp. It is suitable for any room, as the free app (available for download from the App Store or in the Google Play Store) can be used to select the light you want any time.

Product features

  • 16 million colours
  • Low electricity consumption (5 Watt)
  • Environmentally friendly, as LED lamp
  • Long life span of approximately 20,000 hours
  • Replaces E26 and E27 screw base light bulbs
  • Compatible with all android smartphones/tablets version 4.3 or higher and with the following i-Phones, i-Pads: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad (3rd – 4th generation), iPad mini 1-3, iPad Air 1-3, iPad pro
  • Bluetooth
  • Many different app functions: Timer, Dimmer, Shake mode, Candle effect, Flash effect, Rainbow effect, Colour picker
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