UR2000, YouR next lighting choice!

– Design toward the future LED lighting
On top of its cost-efficient and energy saving features, UR2000 has the innovative design inspired by the shape of UFO that maintains its stability and originality in the eye of the viewer. The non-metal insulator cover closely wraps up the donut shaped heat sink, which transfers heat 200 times faster than aluminum, pursuing no wasted space and maximizing creativity in its design. Additionally, its ventilation openings on its upper and bottom sides well indicate its uniqueness in design as well as its practical use of efficient heat dissipation combining its looks and functions smoothly together.

– Practical benefits to its extreme
The phenomenal design of UR2000 is one and only from the aesthetic and user-friendly point of view. With its screw base socket, it can be easily installed to an existing metal halide luminaire shade and used as recessed lights enabling users to minimize maintenance cost. Moreover, its ultralight weight, which is only 1/4 compared to its competitors, has made the installation hassle-free and safe in installation process.

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