EP Light is a kind of solid science collision light bulb of aesthetics,the main material is made of environmentally friendly resin,which can not only replace the light transmittance of glass,but also avoid the fragility and heat of glass bulb.It is durable and environmental friendly,Sex,both to maximize the basic performance of light bulbs,at the same time,its plasticity and inclusiveness more able to carry a romantic atmosphere of aesthetics.EP Light changes the inherent perception of traditional light bulbs,E.P.Light There are four production methods,namely:Summertime method: In the case of vacuum is not in the mold quickly within the color combination Effective control of the system pen direction and intensity,the use of liquid flow speed forming.Water law:the deployment of a good toner through the surface drops 3 to 4 drops with a hook wire drawing,gravitational vertical gravity painting by gravity.Arc painting method:the toner through the painting arc veneer way to stir.Picking method:pour the background color in the mold,add a variety of specific materials.E.P.Light built-in LED bulb,then 95V-264V power supply,can be directly installed in the family common screw lamp holder.

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