x.treme S
LED floor lamp for high quality office and representative commercial and residential areas. Reduced to a minimum size, with highly efficient light output, this floor lamp has unique character and sets new standards!
The luminaire is equipped with sensors for presence and daylight control and can additionally be dimmed and switched manually.
Standardized illumination of a double office workstation with only one floor lamp.
Direct and indirect light distribution, the direct light can be turned up to 15°.
Suitable for monitor workplaces. Anti-glare of the high-efficiency LED board with precise embossed conical micro prisms.
Extremely minimized dimensions. Head face surface only 20mm.
Sharp edged aluminum profiles with high quality finish, pure white or deep black high gloss.
Direct light with highly efficient micro prismatic lenses.
Gear box on the standpipe adapted, removable for placing at or in the office furniture.
Luminaire height: 2.000mm
Lamp head: 440x310x20mm
Equipment: LED 100W, 12.000lm, Ra 85, Light color 4.000K

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