The Tile Lighting Concept consists in the fusion between a light source and Tiles with Portuguese decorative tradition.
The reflective capacity of the glazed surface of the tile associated with its strong resistance contributed to its increasing use, becoming an identity element in the lining of the interiors and façades of Portuguese architecture.
The SUN tile design is inspired by a nineteenth-century façade tile from the city of Lisbon, characterized by the development of an anthropomorphic spherical surface.
Technologically the SUN tile is obtained by filling a mold with a combination of kaolin, sand and silica whose proportionality coupled with the cooking time and temperature, constitutes a response to the desired plasticity.
This collection is composed by the TOWER, HORIZON and LEVEL lamps, which result from the vertical and horizontal development of the SUN module, this module in its single or double version can still be placed on the wall, constituting as an wall light.
The use of the tile as a support of a new functionality is assumed as the main objective of the Tile Lighting concept.

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