The PRANA+ office floor light represents the perfect blend of aesthetical design, high quality lighting and intelligent control technology. With it’s pure shape it refines every working place, and its impressive functionality starts with adaptability. The lamp head shines with a direct and an indirect light and can be adapted to the desk length thanks to a flexible linear guide. The patented, foot can part in two allowing the lamp to work with desks that have sides which extend to the floor. The light itself – is a true source of energy: If desired the PRANA+ creates a biologically effective light which hereby improves human vitality, well-being, concentration and health. In doing so the light is also able to simulate the lighting conditions on different latitudes. The integrated high-tech sensor ensures an energy efficient use of daylight and guarantees that the light only shines when the user is present. The PRANA+ can be controlled via tablet or smartphone and can build a wireless network with other lamps of its type using EnOcean technology.

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