Design language: No. 47 Floor lamp reduces a classic base to four delicate bars. Tapering as they ascend, they turn their trajectory just below the shade and continue ascending parallel. Linearity and well structured aesthetics give No. 47 a sleek, architectural character that emits tranquility into the surrounding space – captivating through its clarity and sleekness, without straying into abstraction. The unique geometry of the four legs creates distinctive silhouettes that vary based on line of sight, allowing the observer to rediscover these lamps again and again. Material & function: For the first time in a lamp collection, BALADA & CO. is using FENIX NTM® – a highly matt nanotech material developed by the company Arpa Industriale. The implementation of nano technology yields an extremely matt surface. Advantages: excellent color depth, very low light reflection, anti-fingerprint, velvety, soft to touch! The base is comprised of two parts, simply plugged together to create the lamp’s base. Advantages: easy assembly and flat packaging!

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