During the development of the LINETIK free-standing LED luminaire, designers and engineers Simon Fisher and Matt Free from F Mark Ltd and Luke Smith-Wightman set about challenging every established convention of office lighting. The significantly reduced design creates an elegant appearance, free from superfluous details. The slim and yet robust body has a cross section of just 24mm by 24mm. The luminaire uses minimal resources to provide maximum visual comfort for absolutely every workplace. A central aspect of the innovative lighting technology is a newly developed reflector, distributing the light with outstanding precision and uniformity. LINETIK relies on an extrusion lens for the indirect output, spreading light over a wide ceiling area and thereby creating a pleasant atmosphere, even in applications with lower ceilings. The user can individually control the direct and indirect lighting elements and an integrated motion sensor switches the luminaire off when no one is present in the space. In this way, LINETIK makes a design statement whilst also ensuring maximum lighting comfort and excellent energy efficiency.

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