The Light tripod, is a foldable 1.80 meter tripod structure, made from two wooden legs, and a 3rd leg made of a transparent polycarbonate tube , containing a 1.50 meter t8 fluorescent light and its electronic ballast.
technically, it has been designed to easily access the lamp and replace it, with a wooden cover at the end of the acrylic tube, that can be disassembled when needed.
the joint that holds the legs is built-in inside the wood in a way to keep the design smooth and clean.
electronic components are not hidden as there is nothing to be ashamed of.
as a tripod it can stand anywhere, ideal for gardens and insides. foldable it can change place easily.
it has been designed, to marry the shape, and structure of the fluorescent light, assuring its maximum effectiveness.
standing as a structure by itself, it opens a door for creativity by assigning it other functions. it can be a wearing hat. a tent for children, by placing a canvas on it, or even a Christmas tree, with a few skills…
for the future, different sizes are expected, with a wireless model, powered by photo-voltaic cells.

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