INCAVO is a floor uplight, facing reduced and elegant design-attributes.

Stand and slim profiles, anodized black matt in contrast to a high polished reflector element of aluminium creates an elegant and representative appearance of lighting design.

The luminaire head, made of cold formed aluminium, integrates the heat sink as well as a glass cover for simple cleaning and dust protection. High polished design panels in the mid of the profiles refer to the materiality of the luminaire head – while incorporating the brightness control via touch input. Due to the plug contacts the uplighter can be mounted easily and also wireless. A high stability in standing is guaranteed by a solid socket made of cast metal.

The excellent light efficiency of the lamp equates to high standard and provides warm white light of 2700 Kelvin with wattage of 40W/3700lm and a colour rate index (CRI) of almost 90.

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