The creations of Japanese designer Issey Miyake are captivating. This is due to the sensuality of the materials, the perfect design as well as the creative freedom, which the folding technique, so typical for this designer, gives the user. Again and again Issey Miyake’s designs are surprising in the way in which they combine technical innovation with new shapes. The concept for the IN-EI lighting collection is based on a fabric made entirely of recycled materials, created by processing PET bottles using innovative technology. This new fabric has impressive properties and diffuses light in an interesting way. In this lighting collection, Issey Miyake combines an artistic vision of Japanese light traditions with his unique ability to transform the traditional into the modern. Every lampshade is created using mathematical 2D or 3D principles, which engender a harmonious interplay of light and shade. The structure of the recycled fabric undergoes an additional surface treatment, which allows the lights to keep their shape without using an additional frame. The IN-EI collection consists of floor, table and pendant lamps and is equipped with well-engineered LED technology. The concept achieves a successful symbiosis of efficient light technology coupled with an innovative approach to materials and design. Issey Miyake’s unique folding technique creates shapes with a completely new expression.

Master of transformation

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