IGOO Smartlamp includes a 1.8 meters high smartlamp body and a smart control. With 80 watts power and 64 independently controlled LED lamps in red, yellow, blue and white, IGOO Smartlamp can produce unbelievable light effects by flooding the light to the ceiling of the room. It achieves unprecedented breakthroughs and innovations as follows: 1) you can choose to control it remotely or at regular time. 2) IGOO Smartlamp names the light effect “lightsong” and divides them into 8 categories including living, sleeping, dining, romance, partying, education, music and phototherapy according to daily life demands. 3) The built-in software Lightsong Artist enables you to compose your own lightsongs as freely as you wish. 4) The software Lightsong Store provides a platform where you can download your favorite ightsongs, upload your own creations and share them with friends in the world via internet. 5) IGOO Smartlamp perfectly realizes the synchronizing control of light and music. 6) IGOO Smartlamp is very beneficial to people’s health. 7) IGOO Smartlamp makes light so intimate with happiness. IGOO Smartlamp has applied for 22 Chinese and International patents and 4 have been approved.

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