FINOM lights series includes five different type of shade models, all of which can be used as pendant models and three as floor models. Sizes vary from small (f.ex. Tall Medium 35x20x62 cm), to mid (Wide Small 78x20x30 cm), to large (Square Large 55x30x58 cm or Wide Large 93x30x36 cm). The lamp’s shade in both pendant and floor models are made of thin aircraft plywood. The legs are made from oiled ash wood. The materials and production represent traditional Nordic craftsmanship, modern laser cutting technology. FINOM lights provide effective upward and downward lighting in both pendant and floor versions. FINOM lights use energy saving fluorescent lights or LED lamps. Excellent lighting lets you work and read underneath it while providing the most beautiful and exciting light through the thin wooden shade. The lights series can be assembled without tools, and it has a minimal ecological footprint. FINOM is suitable for both residential and commercial settings. The idea and the structure of the lamps came from wooden sailboats that wisely use tension properties of wood. The lamp was inspired by the soft and fragile summer sun, streaming through a Nordic birch forest.

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