FEZ S, the telescopic adjustable standard luminaire in aluminium offers a high luminous flux. Using two powerful LED, FEZ S provides enough light to illuminate an entire room. The switch situated on the reflector allows direct or indirect light or both at the same time. The main switch is situated on the stand and may also be used as dimmer. The light beam is brillant, glare free and offers a lovely shadow play.

The pendant luminaire FEZ D seems to fly on barely-visible wires. Glare-free light is emitted by the reflector and illuminates tables or counters. FEZ D is equipped with two LED, one downwards and one upwards. The indirect light can be switched off or on by the switch situated on the reflector. A slight pulling at the marked spot of the luminaire operates the dimmer in the ceiling flange. By means of knurled screws below the rosette FEZ D can be adjusted to the ceiling height.

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