Existing lanterns are marked by difficulty in direction control and it has a limit usage that a restriction for operating in both indoor and outside. Our consistent effort to overcome those limitations creates Bonney Light. This lantern unit consisting of a floor, table and pendant lamps –a creation blended in function and minimalistic, yet sophisticated design inspired by human joint structure.

Intended for both indoor and outdoor use, the high brightness LED lantern features omni direction to illuminate broader areas, as well as an adjustable head for optimal ergonomic lighting. The design also provides 360 degrees of lighting. Further, Bonney Light offers intuitive design that conceived by starting from scratch. This simple designed lantern let people use without complicated manual book. The lantern is equipped with a permanent on-off switch. At the same time, the temporary on-off switch can be adjusted by gently tapping the head.

Overall, Bonney Light design enhances life at home and in the outdoors through combining cutting-edge lighting technologies with an eco-friendly polycarbonate design.

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