The new Vialume I street lighting luminaire express Fagerhult’s idea of a new nordic classic. This luminaire is designed from scratch to exploit the potential of the LED technology in the best possible way and to create an optimum balance between function, aesthetics and sustainabillity. The aim has been to create a beautiful luminaire with both excellent visual comfort and “best in class” performance.
The combination of an austere stealth profile and the soft organic curves gives the luminaire a unique visual identity explicitly linked to the scandinavian design heritage – yet surprisingly new. The Vialume I is designed to fit both classical and modern urban areas and make a positive contribution in any infrastructure project.
The luminaire is equipped with specially designed XL LED lenses that ensures maximum performance and a light distribution optimized for the most common road geometries. To reduce glare the lenses are recessed into the luminaire resulting in a subtle illumination of the inner edge of the aperture. This gives visual guidance and softens up the contrast when approaching the luminaire. To further enhance flexibility the luminaire is equipped with a stepless

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