The STYLO LED luminaire by AEC is a modern interpretation of the widely spread “Langfeldleuchte” as it appears typically along many urban roads in Germany and the Benelux region. It is the first luminaire for this application which takes the design to another level and combines functionality, efficiency and appearance for this specific lighting application. With its long slim form, the luminaire almost seems to melt with the pole and thus emphasizes the effect that was originally intended when using “Langfeldleuchten”: The luminaire as an extended line on the pole.

Additionally, STYLO also possesses unique technical features: There is a wide variety of light distributions to choose from, individual optical elements can be turned in a 180° angle to reach the needed illumination level. Another highlight of STYLO is the optional “Backlight LED Module” illuminating the back part of the luminaire chassis for a special light guidance effect, underlining the result of the luminaire as an extended line on the pole.

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