The product innovation slat adapts elegantly to the specific lighting situation, consisting of two fully variable, independently rotating wallwashers and therefore a genuine lighting tool for every facade!
slat is a completely new kind of outside luminaire which moves not just on the wall: as a ceiling luminaire it also generates quite brilliant light. In creating slat, designer Klaus Nolting has completely rethought the idea of a luminaire. Flexibility has been given absolute priority. The compact luminaire body made of aluminium die-casting resolves into two light blades rotating independently through 240°, fitted with state-of-the-art LED technology. The adjustable light bars shed wallwasher light into every last angle of the object. Depending on the chosen position, slat can be used as classic up- and downlight, as up- or downlight, as a ceiling luminaire, as well as path- and passage lighting.
Fitted with the holistically optimized IvyLight-technology, the luminaire with 230V power LEDs achieves an output of 16 W/1320 lm and a service life of 50,000 h (L70). As an option, the luminaire can also be operated with a dimmer.

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