Light source and light object in one:’s very first floor luminaire serves an additional outside lighting segment. Created by designer and architect Sebastian David Büscher, the floor luminaire shot consists of a ball of light with a progressive interior. The solid ball of light produced elaborately from aluminium die-casting can be freely positioned on lawns or in flowerbeds in any direction of the compass. The corresponding aluminium ring holds the ball on firm bases, such as terraces. The floor spotlight is equipped with a flood reflector. shot can be used to accentuate open outside spaces and put them in a completely new setting, offering light planners and architects wonderful creative possibilities. shot, the floor luminaire with a real character. Top quality workmanship makes the new product stand out with a particularly long service life while being easy to maintain.
Fitted with the holistically optimized IvyLight-technology, the luminaire with 230V power LEDs achieves an output of 15 watt with 1350 lumen and a service life of 50,000 h (L70). As an option, the luminaire can also be operated with a dimmer.

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