In clear light Night-time illumination plays a central role in the impression given by a building. Ideally, outdoor lighting should create a symbiotic relationship with the architecture. With this in mind, the design of Moon defines outdoor lighting as an extremely integrative element. It seeks to complete and underline the modern architecture that inspires it. The very subtle form enables Moon to achieve this clearly defined goal. The clear lines of these lights are associated with the shape of a circle. The concise visual harmony is based on a coherent link between two geometric shapes: the circle and square. The circle is directly related to the way the LED lighting is integrated in Moon. A round hole in the luminaire becomes the stage for the presentation of the light, because the LED light contained within it shines in two directions. This creates a sort of corona effect around the hole in the luminaire. Light coming from a negative space enhances the building in an ethereal way. In addition, the Moon collection is built up in a coherently modular way. Thus, the lamp head can be used as the top of an illuminated column or a wall-mounted luminaire. Thus, Moon enables highly atmospheric lighting effects to have a perfect relationship with architecture.

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