The concept of the LED street lighting LUNIA was designed by C.F. Møller, one of Scandinavia’s oldest and largest architectural practices. The idea behind this luminaire is to combine a modern, simple design with a significant energy reduction. The timeless design harmoniously integrates into urban landscapes and appeals to wide and international markets. On one side the LED street lighting LUNIA can be installed as a technical street light, according to EN13201, and on the other side it ensures highest requirements of aesthetic and design for residential areas. LUNIA is a high sophisticated product, made of high-quality materials like e.g. AlSi12-LM6 aluminium alloy for salt-water resistance. Moreover this luminaire fulfils all requirements to restrict disability glare, the highest luminous intensity class G6 (EN13201). LUNIA is available up to 6.000lm. Standard luminous colors are 4000K, 3000K or 5700K. LUNIA works standard with constant light output up to 100kh respectively an intelligent LED-driver for SMART-lighting applications.

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