Planned from the user‘s perspective, modern,
flexible and highly functional, the FlexMax®
luminaire range is the newest idea from the CARPE
NOCTEM® company. With CARPE NOCTEM®FlexMax® you
can design night lighting fixtures which bring an
additional dimension to the garden.
switch on, ready!
From the perspective of the user the aluminium
luminaire is designed, modern, and charcoal grey.
FlexMax is 96,6 cm high and can be freely positioned.
The luminaire can be adjusted upwards and
downwards, left and right, and sets everything in the
right light – from the ground cover to the facades.
FlexMax® is as flexible as your garden
requires. The reflection from the individually adjustable
parabolic mirror on the large FlexMax
falls gently to the ground and creates
unobtrusive path lighting.

Flex Max is armed with an 12VAC Driver,
3 PCS (2.5W*3) Cree XPE LED chip. The LED-Light will be
reflectet by an SUS316L mirror.

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