Providing safe street lighting puts high financial strain on municipal budgets. Above all, having to operate and maintain this infrastructure, in addition to acquiring and installing it in the first place, is very expensive. The Eco Stateline has been perfected for target groups who favor a timeless dynamic design yet keep these economic aspects in mind. The removable Smartbox allows tool-less maintenance of the electrical components and fast, tool-free replacement work to be done on the mast without having to shut down the system beforehand. As a result, no specialized staff is required. The LED modules, which are completely coated in silicone and use almost 100 energy-saving LEDs and integrated lenses each, are extremely robust and energy-efficient. At the same time, the lamp’s organized structure featuring a clearly structured division into the areas of mast connection, electrical contact and light production meets the growing demand for a more dynamic design language. A harmonious play of light is achieved in that the ratio between the total lighting area and electronic ballast installation space/mast connection almost complies with the rule of the golden section exactly.

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