Torr is a cordless desk lamp inspired by the simple shape of a tower. While ordinary desk lamps get left in one place, Torr can easily be moved from one location to another. With a square footprint of just 6.5 cm, it is ideal even for small surfaces, giving you the freedom of light wherever you need it.
Gradually changing shape from square to triangular, the integrated body and head are made from high-rigidity aluminum, for stability and ease of handling. Rotating the head switches the lamp on and off, while a touch sensor serves as a dimmer control. Designed to eliminate flicker, the LED offers an effective light area equivalent in size to a sheet of A3 paper. Its high color rendering index of Ra 95 makes it suitable even for the rigorous demands of design work, where subtle differences of hue are crucial. Powered by nickel–metal hydride batteries, it can be charged with a USB cable.
Torr is designed to avoid visual noise in its surroundings, with simple, attractive lines both when in use and when switched off. It can be used anywhere: on work desks or dining tables, or as a bedside lamp. Torr frees you from the shackles of cables and lights the way to the future of desk lamps.

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