SLIM is the result of our search for a luminaire that is highly efficient (both in erms of energy and lighting), powerful, versatile and adaptable to any environment thanks to its minimal size and clean lines.

It is powerful enough for lighting work spaces as well as large open spaces, all in a cylindrical structure measuring just 20 mm, thus achieving a balance between formal and functional.

The optical group design reduces glare thanks to its fin shape, and the LEDs along the structure ensure the excellent uniformity of light distribution with high lighting performance. The steelware itself acts as a heat sink, eliminating the need for a radiator to be incorporated.

SLIM is available in wall, tabletop, free-standing and suspended versions (with a Meccano-like system that allows for tool-free assembly). It is thus possible to follow the lines of the architectural space, even vertically, allowing for the use of a single design in completing a lighting project.

SLIM is a product designed under sustainable parameters. Its use of aluminium and packaging is aimed at occupying the smallest possible volume, therefore contributing to the optimisation of transport.

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