This is one kind of healthy eye protection lamp for office & home life. 90% of the contact surface is used for anodized aluminum alloy sandblasting, waterproof, anti-scratch and never fade, easy to dissipate the heat. Adopting the Apple-like style,brief but not simple ” as our design concept, all the design concepts are based on the designer’s was inspired by marble pillar under the great moon, which means “blessing and bright”. show modern taste, exceptional quality and also the simple art.


1. DIY modular structural design, assembly connected by Magnet.
2. Embedded efficient LED Lens refraction lighting. light source of trapezoidal coverage . Space saving , The output of USB 5V 1A .
3. 4 Levels dimming and Non polar dimming , Timing swich ,1min / 30min / 60min
4. EN 62471 certification , NO blue light damage,flickers,No repetition of the shadow.
5. The user can adjust the brightness of the lighting, for professional writing, reading, watching night light, as well as mobile computers and other venues.
6. when adjusted to the appropriate brightness, the lamp can still remember the last used illumination , Natural white, soft warm light .

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