Quattro® LED Task Lamp’s ultra-bright, glare-free LED illumination comes from its revolutionary Flat Panel. Producing even light distribution without the multiple shadows of conventional point source LEDs, Quattro® produces 25% more Lux from 25% less power than other LED task lamps. Controlled by an optical sensor atop its low-profile head, Quattro® has three brightness level, High/100%, Mid/60%, Low/20%, maximizing the comfort and usefulness of each level.

Quattro’s® square base supports an articulated arm, free from external supporting springs or exposed components. It poises where desired through its patented internal compression and tension mechanics, ICTM®. The arm rotates 90 degrees on a pivot, inset perfectly flush at a corner of the base, while the square head rotates and adjusts on two axes.

The form and function of Quattro’s® pure rectilinear forms recall the red, yellow, black, and blue of Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld, both of whom were forces of the Dutch De Stijl art and design movement. Exquisite in its geometric simplicity and in the refined precision of its functional elements, Quattro® sets a new standard, bringing superior technology to design excellence.

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