The Neoz Owl 1 Cordless lamp is an award winning (Red Dot 2008) rechargeable battery table lamp.

The Cordless Lamps provide illumination for dining tables in commercial and domestic environments and other areas where portable, dimmable lighting is required. With it's polished metal body and dome reflector giving maximum direct down-light without glare. This lamp is ideal for table lighting rooms with views through glass as there is minimum reflection.

What distinguishes the Neoz Cordless Lamps is their impeccable craftsmanship, use of appropriate material and most importantly exceptional quality of light. We have developed a warm white LED bulb with a remarkable Colour Rendering Index (CRI ) of 95+ ensuring that skin tones, food colours and textures are seen in the best light. Neoz cordless lamps are enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world & are used by some of the finest restaurant, hotels and private homes around the world.

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