Needlite offers a beautiful and highly functional solution to a common problem in the northern hemisphere: We don’t get enough daylight during the dark months of the year, leading to about half of us feeling tired and down during the winter. Designed as an elegant desk lamp, Needlite delivers the powerful and energizing effects of natural daylight in a convenient and efficient way.
By replacing your ordinary desk lamp, Needlite’s comfortable, white light is available where it’s needed the most: At your desk, during the day. No need to set off time for dedicated daylight-therapy sessions. And by offering the daylight during the day, Needlite also helps you recreate and maintain your natural body clock.
The ‘no bother, no limitations’-approach is reflected throughout the design and construction of the lamp. Setup is simple, the touch-controls are responsive and intuitive, and the accompanying smartphone app lets users monitor and optimize their daylight exposure. The use of energy-efficient LED’s ensures a low power consumption, and the app can switch the lamp off and on as you leave and return to your desk.
In short, Needlite helps people integrate healthy daylight in their lives

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