This dimmable LED desk lamp supports stepless adjustment for brightness and color temperature (2700k – 6500k) by just one knob. To avoid the common issue of low-frequency flicker that causes eye-strain and headache, the lamp employs a patented optical lens that diffuses light source into natural like and non-visible-flicker light rays. The product’s exterior design has a pure beauty of geometric structure, slender and light, easier to fit into any home and office environment.
The metal extrusion molding process enhances the overall build quality and durability. All-aluminum lamp arm is cleverly engineered to accelerate heat radiation, contributing not only to the better performance of the bulbs, but also the prolonging of their life span. The vibrant red cable is a finishing touch for the piece which balances out the visual ratio and adds lively personality to the styling element.
Apart from Rest, Read, Computer and Child mode, further lighting-mode settings can be customized via mobile app based on actual scenarios as you desire.

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