For using at night, we want a lamp not only to meet ourselves’ needs but merely not to affect other family members’ sleep. We also have the demand to decorate our bedrooms with the bedside lamp .Furthermore, it’s much more perfect to have a lighting tool to stand at TV bench,dining table and the corner. “MAGIC” emerged for love. With upwardly inverted conical light design, “MAGIC” eliminates the uncomfortable feeling caused by direct shining to our eyes. It is more convenient to use at night due to the touch control on lamp body. The combination of CNC technology process and large crystal glass lens illuminates the beauty of technology unprecedentedly. Additionally, the reasonable weight ensures its security in use. LED and metal lamp body was used in “MAGIC” to ensure its heat dissipation and also length it using duration. The micro USB power method and 4-step diming makes it can be used everywhere even for a gesture shadow show.

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