Ling Light is a voice interactive bedside lamp. Unlike any other smart home devices, it brings AI to you seamlessly by the fusion of technology and ambient lighting, turning everyday lighting into unparalleled experience. Ling Light integrates flicker-free LED bulbs to create healthy bedside lighting, well-tuned sound system to touch your mind, advanced 6-mic array to capture voice commands.
Inspired by the ethereal characteristics of water, Ling Light appears harmony of contrasting form languages: ripple and metallic . Subtle colorful illumination underneath the soft, water-like surface gives a sense of comfort and vitality. Its discreet details and finish allow users to feel familiarity of craftsmanship.
Ling Light is intuitive with our advanced affective computing and natural language understanding. It provides diversity in light and sound atmosphere to your room, accommodating different moods of yours such as happiness, calmness, concentration or sleep. It always illuminates your cherished moments with right ambience, all you need to do is move your lips. With hundreds of preset scenes to choose from or even customize your own scenes, the only limit is your imagination.

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