LIMINAL is a minimal adaptable light unit that accommodate the demand for flexibility in the modern world, as it can transform itself into numerous variations via its kinetic joints and adjustable modules. The creators have intended for the product to meet the needs of modern work and education workspaces in which flexible usage has become an increasing necessity.

It draws its inspiration from a single line. The lighting unit has a plain form and a compact design, which allows for the variations in usage. Light source is situated in both sides, with a three-scenario switch that enables combinations of use with the flexible kinetic framework. With its foldable body, LIMINAL can be easily packed and doesn’t take too much space.

LIMINAL can be folded in different directions, and provides many scenarios via its rotatable joints. Diffuse, high-grade LED lights are placed on two surfaces, with multiple switch outputs. It can fit in different kinds of spaces like home, office or library, and to different surfaces, including desks and walls. Despite its adaptable usage scenarios, LIMINAL blends in with its environment to take on an appearance of invisibility. The products’ aesthetic qualities make strong references to the visual narratives in architecture.

LIMINAL is made out of solid, high-caliber aluminium blocks that are CNC-milled and refined with traditional manufacturing methods such as metal lathe. It includes custom designed, patent-pending, 270 degree rotatable stainless steel joints, IP20 certification as well as durable cable connections. It’s 800 mm tall , 40 mm wide, 15 mm thick and weights 0.56 kg. It comes with two external attachments: a base kit and a wall kit which is included with every LIMINAL. It’s foldable and rotatable Kinetic framework and  external attachments makes the product adapt to various usage scenarios for a variety of purposes, which includes but not limited to a task light, table lamp or a wall unit. This way iy accommodates the eight usage scenarios.

The product was first launched in April 2016 a the Milan Design week. LIMINAL’s funding has also been a success story in the sense that it was one of the few Turkish design products to be funded through popular crowdfunding platform. The Kickstarter campaign hit a global fund support of $31.203 and delivered to 186 believers worldwide from 14 countries. During the campaign, the product was featured on national and international design magazines such as design milk, designboom and Coree 77.


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