The LED lamp is designed to protect eyes by improving lighting on cell phones, tablets and screens at night or dark environment, touch-controlled brightness, three lighting modes, unique multi-angle adjustment let you enjoy the soft light from different angles! And the lamp adopt advanced semiconductor-emitting surface light source, use leadless, mercury-free, food-grade silicone and rechargeable battery, glare-free, ultra low blue light, ultra low radiation! Feature: 1. Silicon base integrated with aluminum alloy, elegant and compact design with a custom light up logo on back of the lamp. 2. Silicon base can adjust lamp to different angles to meet your different requirement like hang on bed or stand on desk. 3. Fashion touch switch to control power on/off, light color and intensity. Different color light (Cool white, Neutral white, Warm white) and different intensity help reduce eye strain. 4. Built-in high efficiency 2000mAh rechargeable polymer battery to supply power, you can take it anywhere and no bound by cable. It can use continuously for 3-30 hours according light mode after full charge

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