Jackie is a collection of LED reading lamps expression of technology, innovation and design. It is a multi-faceted lighting solution, ranging from a rigorous and functional desk illumination in various table versions, to an elegant reading lamp in the floor version, and to an architectural object as a wall and ceiling spotlight. The innovation lies in its extremely versatile head that allows multiple orientation of the LED output made possible by a double junction situated on the main body and on the end side. It turns on, dims, and turns off with a delicate touch on the bottom side of the head where is located the five levels dimming sensor. The design of Jackie is neat and essential thanks to the miniaturization of the elastic system that allows hiding the technical aspects within the body itself. The lamp is made of aluminum with details in cast aluminum alloy. The LED board is 8W 600-lumen CRI 90, and the diffuser draws a luminescent perimeter that creates a sophisticated ambiance. Designed, engineered and made in Italy at Panzeri state of the art production site powered with solar energy.

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