Design of industrial LED light fitting INNOVA

Czech manufacturer TREVOS, a.s. is currently introducing the new generation of the industrial linear LED light fitting – INNOVA.

It is closed and during its service life also non-dismountable luminaire with LED light source. The luminaire allows to choose the optimum light distribution characteristics according to the type and location of its use by selecting from three light characteristics thus optimizing the luminaire choice for different mounting heights. The luminaire is maintenance-free and easy to clean in every configuration.
Shape of the luminaire and all of its individual parts are designed to meet all strict requirements, especially:
– Shape cleanness and design simplicity.
– Low weight of the luminaire, lower energy consumption during production, better environmental protection.
– High rigidity, strength and resistance to dust and water penetratio.

The luminaire design is based on its maximum functionality, not short-term fashion trends.
The luminaire has only 4 basic parts.
The shape neutrality and timeless design enables to install these lights to any conceivable work environment without time limitation.

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