Ignis table light was
designed for the Czech glass manufactory Bomma.

Glassworks Bomma is unique with
its own robotic technology which can cut very precisely hand
blown crystal with special diamond tools. The Ignis is a combination of an
archetypal table lamp with precisely cut crystal glass. The cut is on the place
where a lamp shade should be. The delicate aesthetics of cut works as a light
diffuser as well (similar to a normal lampshade), and brings a unique play
with light. So it is not only decorative (as the cut usually is on the
tableware glass) but with a specific optical function. The light looks like it
is levitating thanks to the glass compound with the best optical quality (it is
the clearest crystal in the middle Europe). The cord adds another
notable detail, looking like the leg of the table lamp.

The same form is used also for
blowing the suspended version but the cut is placed into different areas. So
both table and suspended versions play well together.

The result is a pure and
minimalistic set of table and suspended light, an elegant reminder of
table lamp archetype.

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