The lamp lighting method is composed of a set of light guide and a group of reflected light composition; the first group of LED light from the side of the guide light diffusion plate, and then by the light diffusion plate laser point, through the different directions of refraction, so that the light source Diffuse multiple times to form diffuse light; the second group of LED lights through the heat reflective sheet, the light multiple reflections, thereby increasing the irradiation area, but also the formation of diffuse light.
After the two sets of light superposition, through the light-emitting manner, you can achieve a large area of uniform illumination, so that the light softer, more natural. So that the device body can achieve a perfect reading lighting environment, which can ultimately reduce eye fatigue, thereby enhancing the learning or work efficiency.
The table lamp in line with China’s highest AA-level illumination requirements.Automatic adjustment of the connecting rod design, so that the shade can be adjusted at any level can be kept level, to avoid glare directly to the user’s eyes, to achieve the function of indirect eye protection.

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