Edmond is a sculptural desk lamp, inspired by origami.
It is made of recyclable polypropylene, and fully produced in France.

Along the day, each facet reflects ambiant light in a different manner, as a result the lamp really looks like a sculpture.
At night, it’s a whole new object that you discover when you turn on the switch: it reveals new details – as a comfortable light shines through every tiny edge – and suddenly the Edmond seems made of thin porcelain.

LED technology to produce a great power of lumen using a little amount of energy. It shines a pleasant natural light into the room.

Edmond has a good face, because rather death he reminds us of our ancestors.

Designing this lamp as a self-assembly product resulted in a twofold advantage:
A reduced environmental impact thanks to smaller packaging and shipping volume, but mostly an improved waste management in the end of the cycle as no definitive assembly of material was required: only cutting in a recyclable material.
The second benefit is to reach a low production cost, allowing to produce locally.
Edmond is said by early customers to inspire creativity.
The product is available in 3 colors: blue, red and grey.

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