Design Concept
Style implies power.
Gentlemen always cultivate with merit.
Business suites led people into temperament and styles, highlighting the wisdom of those who succeed.
The life of civilized society is not revealed through the mass production of materials but the convenience of styles.
Introverted Self-Esteem.
The confidence of Nobility is exhibited through the subtle and neat shape.
The tilted and upward looking posture is appealing the possibility of infinite extension from wisdom implicitly. The silver ring that travels in time is changing the footsteps of light and shadow arbitrarily.
Design Feature
1. Chassis free design that adds more integrity to shape and increate space on tables.
2. The collar-shape of business suits that passes through the lighting vertically to the knob, deliberately exhibit the Switch OFF position and the hidden knob.
3. Adjust the silver ring of light clockwise to reach gradual white light and counterclockwise to reach

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